Ana María Cabrera García is an audiovisual producer from Javeriana University’s Social Communications program. Her interest in film began at a very young age when she already identified suspense, sci-fi, and drama as her favorite genres. 


For the past eleven years, she has worked as Assistant Director in different television, advertising, and film-making projects. In the cinematographic field her participation stands out in motion pictures like Gemini Man, directed by Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, shot in Cartagena, Colombia; Mile 22, directed by Peter Berg; The Padre , directed by Jhonathan Sobbol; Loving Pablo, by Fernando León de Aranoa; On the Line, a movie shot in Dominican Republic and directed by Julio Quintana; Sniper 7, by Claudio Fäh; Desperados, a film directed by Lauren Palmigiano and shot in México; and Regreso al Mar de mis Muertos, by Colombian director Esteban García, and shot in La Guajira, Colombia. 


In television Ana María has worked in productions such as Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan - S2, directed by Phill Abrahams, Dennie Gordon, and Andrew Bernstein; Kingpin, a documentary series screened on History Channel; Pambelé an RCN TV production; Calle Sonora, a show by Canal Capital; and in CMO Producciones’ soap opera La Promesa


Her wide experience in film-making has developed a particular interest in production. She has produced theater plays like Las Ausencias written and directed by Esteban García, and Componente Niña, a production staged by Casa Ensamble for the Ni Con el Pétalo de Una Rosa theater festival. She has also participated in the production of the electronic arts festival Experimenta Colombia.

Currently, she is focusing on the development and production of two personal projects: La Casa, an experimental short film; and Solo Para Gourmets, a motion picture based on the obscure world of eating contests. She is also producing La Sed del Viento, a documentary directed by Alejandro Valbuena that portrays the events that develop around the Cerrejón coal mine in la Guajira, and the Wayuu community that inhabits it.







la casa.png

La Casa - Experimental short in progress

This is the story of a house and three paralyzed women that live within it. A witch, a maid, and a prostitute; all are unable to move but struggling to open a door that will release everything decomposing in their kitchen premises.

Solo Para Gourmets.png

Solo Para Gourmets - Feature film in progress

A dark comedy about the disturbing world of eating contests in Colombia, a place where violence has triggered the forced displacement of entire populations. Based on Fabián Martínez’s story Solo Para Gourmets.

TWT Poster.png

The Wind's Thirst - Documentary in progress

A Wayuu narrator and his omniscient voice guide us. Amid dreams and while we traverse the surreal land of the community and its tales, we understand this is a forgotten and water-deprived population that needs to be protected. A broad array of characters tell us their story: five women and their living conditions; two men working in opposite ends of this situation (salt and coal mining); three women having to go on endless walks to find water; and finally, two community leaders struggling for dignity. The Ranchería river is dry now, and the course of the Bruno stream is about to be altered. This is the present, the result of a sad past. But its future doesn’t have to be so dire.

mitosis poster.png

Mitosis - Short film

Mitosis is the story of miscommunication. One couple, one phone call, and a vision that will change the course of their lives as it keeps them trapped in a loop, forever.


Componte Niña - Theater Play

She, a young housewife, welcomes the audience as special guests to a formal dinner as she longs for the moment He, her husband, will arrive. He seems to be a lovely man, but beyond his charming eloquence, subtle remarks begin to arise: “Baby, if I didn’t work, how would you make a living?”, “My love, don’t talk about things you know nothing about…”. With every off-putting comment, the audience notices stains appearing on her skin. Little by little, She covers her body with clothes and her original liveliness begins to dwindle. Finally, the bathroom is the place She uses as the shelter where she breaks free from the “perfect” character she embodied in the first place.



A reel with some explorations in art direction, experimental video, video clips and short films.



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